All tomatoes are indeterminate regular leaf varieties unless otherwise noted, ~30 seeeds per pack


BLUE BERRIES beautiful small orange-purple cherry tomato, sweet flavour, like other blue tomatoes the purple colour is evident as the fruit is forming as a result of sunlight hitting the fruit, the orange colour comes in underneath as the fruit ripens, extra rich in anthocyanins

CHEESEMANII l.sp tiny reddish orange oblong cherry tomato, intense sweet taste

CHIAPAS WILDl. sp. very tasty tiny red cherry tomato, intense bright fruity flavour, ancient variety from Mexico

CUBAN GOLD (IPK 1046) tall vigorous plants produce lots of small golden yellow-orange cherry tomatoes, very sweet fruity taste, preferred by some to the famed hybrid Sungold

GARDENER'S DELIGHT old-fashioned red cherry tomato, tangy and extremely sweet

GREEN GAGE large yellow cherry tomato, nice taste and productive, pre-1850 variety, the only yellow tomato worth growing according to Vilmorin (The Vegeteable Garden, 1885)

HALEY'S PURPLE COMET medium size purple cherry tomatoes, excellent intense sweet flavour, from Wild Boar Farms, CA

IDA GOLD determinate, large round orange cherry tomato, sweet fruity flavour

ILDI yellow grape tomato, very good sweet flavour, extremely productive plants have huge trusses of 50 or more fruits

ISIS CANDY beautiful gold-red bicolour cherry tomato, productive, incredibly sweet

IVORY PEAR large creamy white cherry tomato, shaped like an Anjou pear

LEMON DROP pale yellow cherry tomato, delicious sweet-tart flavour, productive even in cool, wet conditions

ORANGE CURRANT l. sp. very small orange cherry tomato, nice sweet flavour, originated in a patch of Tess' Land Race Currants

PEARLY PINK good yields of pink oval shaped cherry tomatoes, delicious sweet flavour

PONDEROSA winter keeper type, yellow-orange cherry size fruit with red flesh, if picked in the fall when they start to turn colour they will ripen and be ready to use in January/ February. Traditional Italian variety, not related to the beefsteak also called Ponderosa

RIESENTRAUBE old German heirloom, huge clusters of medium size red cherries, distinctive point on blossom end, intense sweet-tart flavour

SNOWBERRY pale yellow-white round cherry tomato, sweet mild flavour