All tomatoes are indeterminate regular leaf varieties unless otherwise noted, ~ 30 seeds per pack


AMANA ORANGE large orange oblate beefsteak, sweet fruity flavour, meaty flesh

AMAZON CHOCOLATE large purple-black beefsteak, nice rich flavour, meaty flesh

ANANAS NOIRE large multi-coloured beefsteak, green-yellow-orange-red-purple skin, green flesh with yellow-red sunburst in the centre, excellent sweet flavour

ARBUZNYI aka Watermelon, large beefsteak, dark red with thin green stripes, very sweet, rich well-balanced flavour

BEAR CLAW huge pink beefsteaks, up to 1 kg or more, excellent flavour, heirloom from collection of Ben Quisenberry, famed tomato collector

BERKELEY TIE-DYE medium to large tricolor fruit, green with yellow and red stripes, good strong tomato flavour, from Wild Boar Farms 

BIG YELLOW ZEBRA medium to large oblate fruit, yellow with green stripes

BLACK GIANT large to very large purple-black beefsteak type fruit, excellent rich flavour

BLACK OXHEART large purple-black oxheart shaped fruit, excellent rich flavour, originally found growing in a field of Black Krim tomato plants

BLUE BEAUTY midsize red-blue beefsteak type fruit, stunning to look at and great flavour too, like other blue tomatoes the blue colour develops from the sun hitting the fruit as it ripens while the rest of the fruit is still green, as the fruit ripens the green portion turns a deep pinkish red colour underneath the blue, extra rich in anthocyanins SOLD OUT FOR 2017

BOLOTO medium to large green fruit, mid-early, tasty, juicy, productive

CHEROKEE CHOCOLATE medium large reddish-brown-mahogany coloured beefsteak, excellent sweet flavour, developed as a stable skin mutation of Cherokee Purple

COPIA large yellow-red striped beefsteak fruit, juicy, excellent flavour

CUNEO GIANT PEAR large red pear shaped fruit, very meaty, delicious, well-blanced flavour, productive

DESTER large pink beefsteak fruit up to 1.5 pounds, winner of Seed Savers Exchange tomato tasting in 2011, Amish heirloom, originally from Germany

DYNNYE large orange beefsteak, thick solid, meaty flesh, sweet, almost melon-like flavour, prolific.  Dynnye means melon-like in Russian

EVERETT'S RUSTY OXHEART medium to large sized multicoloured oxheart tomato, rusty red skin with yellowish-green highlights, yellow-green flesh with a red sunburst in the centre, very good taste

FANTOME DE LAOS large creamy white fruit, productive, mild flavour, legend has it that in its native Laos it will glow in the dark when ghosts are around

GARY'O SENNA large purple-black beefsteak, outstanding deep rich flavour, Brandywine x Cherokee Purple

GIGANTESQUE large red beefsteak, heirloom from southern Ukraine

GOLD MEDAL aka Ruby Gold, large yellow orange bicolour fruit, intensely sweet flavour, winner of 2008 SSE Tomato Tasting, from Ben Quisenberry

GREEN GIANT potato leaf, large pale green beefsteak tomato, sweet and juicy, excellent taste, unlike other green tomatoes  Green Giant does not develop an amber blush when ripe

GRUB'S MYSTERY GREEN potato leaf, semi-determinate, greenish-yellow oblate fruit, very flavourful, "Grub" found this in a packet of Paul Robeson seeds

HOLLY'S 12 large yellow-pink bicolour beefsteak fruit excellent sweet flavour, originated in a patch of Liam's Brandywine

HUGH'S large pale yellow beefsteak, meaty, great sweet taste, heirloom from Madison County, Indiana since 1940's

HURMA semi-determinate, medium to large sized round orange fruit, from Ukraine

ITALIAN RED PEAR large red pear-shaped fruit, very meaty, great old-fashioned tomato flavour, prolific

ITALIAN HEIRLOOM large deep red fat oxheart shaped fruit, productive, meaty, outstanding rich flavour

JD'S SPECIAL C-TEX large pink-black beefsteak fruit, consistently ranks as the top in taste tests, developed by JD Whitaker of Conroe, TX., from a cross of Brandywine and an unknown black

LILLIAN'S YELLOW HEIRLOOM potato leaf, large yellow beefsteak, very meaty with few seeds, superb sweet rich flavour, grown by Lillian Bruce of Manchester, Tennessee

MALACHITE BOX aka Malakhitovaya shkatulka, large to very large green-yellow beefsteak, excellent flavour, good yields, bred at Russian farm 'Svetlana'

MAWLENOWE large pink beefsteak tomato, great sweet flavour, meaty, few seeds, very productive

MILLIONAIRE ​medium-large pink beefsteak, very good classic old-time tomato flavour, famed canning tomato from the Ozarks circa 1950, very rare

MOLDOVAN GREEN medium to large size green beefsteak, develops an amber blush when ripe, one of the best green tomatoes

MOONGLOW medium-large sized deep orange oval shaped fruit, solid meaty flesh, great sweet-tart flavour

MOON RAPTURE 'Lunnyi Vostorg' in Rusian, large yellow oxheart fruit, very good sweet, slightly citrusy flavour

MUSHROOM BASKET large red deeply ruffled beefsteak type, from Russia

NORTHERN LIGHTS medium to large red and yellow bicolour fruit, delicious bright, fruity flavour, from Russia

NOVIKOV'S GIANT aka Gigant-10 Novikova, large plants produce lots of large pink beefsteak tomatoes, meaty, superb taste, developed by Russian gardener A I Novikov, who apparently picked 30 kg of fruit from one 6m tall plant in his greenhouse 

OLD WYANDOTTE large pale orange beefsteak, sweet, fruity, almost mango-like flavour, old heirloom

OLEYAR'S GERMAN medium to large red oxheart type, excellent old-fashioned tomato flavour, meaty and delicious

ORANGE RUSSIAN 117 large orange and yellow bicolour heart-shaped fruit, very good sweet fruity flavour, meaty with few seeds

PARAGON medium-large sized red beefsteak, introduced by Livingston Seed Co in 1870 as the 'perfect commercial tomato', named after the Paragon canning jars which were widely used at the time

PAUL ROBESON medium-large brownish red beefsteak tomato, excellent rich, well-balanced flavour, Russian heirloom named in honor or Paul Robeson, opera singer and advocate of Equal Rights for Blacks in the Soviet Union

PEPPERMINT large yellow and orange bicolour beefsteak, very good sweet taste, heirloom from Crab Orchard, Tennessee

ROGER'S BEST BLACK medium to large round purple - black fruit, considered by some to be the best tasting black tomato

SAINTE LUCIE large to very large deep red beefsteak tomato, superb old-fashioned tomato flavour, one of the best, old French variety

SCHELLENBERG'S FAVOURITE large to very large golden orange beefsteak, excellent fruity flavour, heirloom of the Schellenberg family of Germany

SUMMER CIDER potato leaf, large orange beefsteak, sweet fruity flavour, prolific

​TETON DE VENUS ​medium-large plum to heart-shaped fruit with a prominent nipple on the blossom end, excellent flavour, for sauce or fresh eating, French heirloom

TYAZHELOVES SIBIRI 'Heavyweight of Siberia', semi-determinate, medium to large sized red oxheart fruit, great taste, very early for a large tomato, bred for greenhouse culture but does well outside too

VOLOVE SERDSE 'oxheart' in Russian, large deep pink oxheart type, meaty with few seeds, excellent old time tomato flavour, old Russian heirloom

WHITE OXHEART large white heart-shaped fruit, vibrant acidity and creamy all at once, German heirloom

WHITE TOMESOL medium size beefsteak fruit, creamy white with pink blush, one of the best tasting white tomatoes

YELLOW COOKIE medium to large sized pale orange oxheart fruit, meaty, tasty, very good sweet flavour, believed to be an Amish heirloom

ZOLOTYKE KUPOLA large yellow oxheart type fruit, very meaty, few seeds, name refers to golden domes on top of Russian Orthodox cathedrals