LEEKS allium ampeloprasum

JAUNE DE POITOU - stout, thick large leaved variety, yellowish - green leaves, not as hardy as some other varieties but swells early so is suitable for an autumn crop, old French heirloom

LONG WINTER - tall, narrow leaved variety, bluish- green in colour, this variety was traditionally planted in late summer and used to produce long very slender leeks for harvest the following spring, also works well as a standard winter leek, very rare old French heirloom 

‚ÄčONIONS allium cepa

PIATA DI BERGAMO small, very flat, reddish brown skinned cipollini type of onion, purple tinged flesh, traditional variety from northern Italy

YELLOW OF PARMA - golden yellow skinned globe onion, up to 500 g, very good keeper, heirloom from Northern Italy

SHALLOTS allium cepa var. aggregatum

ZEBRUNE - also known as Frog's Legs shallots, or, in French, Cuisse de Poulet, which translates as Chicken thighs.  7 - 10 cm long thin pinkish - brown skinned bulbs, llight purple tinged flesh, very good keeper, French heirloom