All tomatoes are indeterminate regular leaf varieties unless otherwise noted, ~30 seeds per pack


AKERS PINK PLUM determinate, heavy yields of pink roma-type fruit

BLACK PLUM small dark red-brown plum tomato, good rich flavour, productive, from Russia, the preferred variety for drying

CHOODO SVETA small yellow fruit shaped like a lemon, roma-like, meaty texture, pronounced tomato flavour

FIASCHETTO determinate, small red plum tomato, good for sauce, drying

FRENCH CLUSTERS aka Frantsuszkiy Grosdevoy, medium size red roma-type fruit, very productive, from Siberia

DON JUAN determinate, medium sized pink-orange striped fat plum tomato, meaty, good tasting, productive

GEZAHNTE dark pink deeply ruffled pear shaped fruit, sweet mild flavour, heirloom from southern Italy, good yields

GOLDMAN'S ITALIAN AMERICAN large red pear shaped fruit, meaty, delicious, productive

LUDMILLA'S RED PLUM large red paste tomato, in between an oxheart and a plum tomato in shape, meaty, productive, very good sweet flavour, heirloom from Kazakhstan by way of Germany

MARIA'S medium to large pink plum tomato, Hungarian heirloom

PURPLE RUSSIAN  large purple plum tomato, very good flavour, a bit juicy for a true paste type, Ukrainian heirloom

ROUGHWOOD GOLDEN PLUM ​determinate, very nice orange paste tomato, firm flesh with sweet rich flavour, developed by William Woys Weaver from a cross of San Marzano and Yellow Brandywine

SAN MARZANO REDORTA long red paste tomato, very meaty and flavourful, makes  the best tasting tomato sauce

SCATALONE very large San Marzano strain from Italy, great tomato flavour

STRIPED ROMAN  large roma type, red with jagged orange and yellow stripes, red flesh, very flavourful

TEN FINGERS OF NAPLES semi-determinate, small thin roma type borne in clusters, sweet rich flavour

TLACOLULA medium to large sized pink ruffled, semi-hollow pear shaped fruit, from Oaxaca, very unique

UKRAINIAN POINTED ​medium-large pink oxheart fruit, some with a prominent point on blossom end, very meaty, few seeds, excellent rich flavour