HOT PEPPERS capsicum spp. ~25 seeds per packet

AJI CRISTAL c. baccatum 10 - 12 cm long yellow-green fruit ripens to orange-red, mild flesh and hot ribs and seeds, useful when green as well as when ripe, large prolific plants

CRIOLLA SELLA c. baccatum, small pinted orange fruit, very early for a hot pepper, nice fruity flavour and not too hot

FATALII c. chinense, golden orange wrinkly pendant shaped fruit, 5 to 8 cm long, great fruity flavour, very, very hot - around 5-600,000 Scoville units, from Central African Republic

LEMON DROP c. baccatum 5 - 7 cm long bright yellow fruit, hot citrusy flavour, prolific.  Perrenial in its native Peru, it can be easily overwintered in a greenhouse and will produce even larger crops in subsequent years

LEUTSCHAUER PAPRIKA c. annuum large plants produce lots of 7 - 10 cm long peppers, sweet taste with a bit of heat, moderately thick flesh, excellent for drying, 19th century Slovakian heirloom

LIMA BLANCO (PI152222) c. chinense, pale green, almost white fruit matures to a glossy light yellow colour, medium hot, very rare, collected by the USDA in Peru

NEPALESE BELL c. baccatum small red fruit that actually looks like a little bell, like other baccatum varieties it has hot seeds and ribs and sweetish flesh

PI 159235 c. baccatum, small pointed fruit, yellowish-green fruit ripens to red, with a pungent medium hot taste, fruit becomes a little mushy when completely ripe but is very nice when used at the green stage so would be a good pepper for short season areas, very productive

PI 441583 c. baccatum, small red cherry shaped fruit about 1 cm in diameter, nice flavour, medium hot, collected by USDA in Brazil

SADABAHAR c. annuum 5 - 7 cm long skinny red pepper, very hot pungent flavour, from India

SCARLET LANTERN (PI 315008)  c. chinense, deep red top shaped fruit, bright fruity flavour, quite hot, very rare, from Peru

SWEET PEPPERS capsicum annuum ~25 seeds per packet

CORNO DI CAPRA aka Goat Horn, long narrow red frying pepper, sweet flesh, good for drying.  This is an appendere type of pepper from Southern Italy, the type often seen hanging to dry in kitchens, on the outside walls of houses, etc. Not the same as the hot pepper also named Goat Horn

CORNO DI TORO GIALLO aka Yellow Horn of the Bull,  large golden yellow fruit 25 cm long by 5 cm wide, excellent sweet taste, large prolific plants.  Also useful as a green pepper.

JIMMY NARDELLO long and slender dark red frying pepper, excellent sweet rich flavour, productive, a famous Italian heirloom that is part of the Slow Foods Ark of Taste

SWEET ITALIAN medium to large sized red bull's horn type of frying pepper, sweet flavour, prolific, useful at the green or red stage

EGGPLANT solanum melongena ~25 seeds per packet

KAMO medium sized round fruit, purple - black skin with purple calyx, highly esteemed kyo yasai vegetable, grown in the area of Kamo for hundreds of years. Said to be the finest tasting Japanese eggplant

​TOMATILLOS physalis ixocarpa ​~ 25 seeds per packet

PURPLE 3 to 5 cm fruit with purple blush

SAN JUANITO large green tomatillo up to 10 cm in diameter, good flavour, plants are extremely vigorous and productive

​CAPE GOOSEBERRY - POHA physalis peruviana 1-2 cm golden fruit enclosed in an inflated papery husk, refreshing sweet-tart flavour