​BEET - CHIOGGIA bright red globe shaped root, flesh has alternating white and red concentric rings that resemble a bulls-eye, greens are more tender and chard-like than other varieties of beet, pre-1840 Italian heirloom SOLD OUT FOR 2017

CARROT - JAUNE DU DOUBS yellow conical carrot, very old French variety, less refined than more modern varieties, but possesses unique qualities

CARROT - KUTTIGER aka Blanche de Kuttingen, large white cone shaped carrot, crisp smooth texture, delicate mild sweet flavour, 300+year old Swiss heirloom variety, very rare

CARROT - ST VALERY large orange carrot, old French variety, according to Vilmorin "it combines the distinguishing properties of both good kitchen-garden and good field carrots--that is, great productiveness and, at the same time, a fine, regular shape and thick, sweet, tender flesh" 

RADISH - ZLATA round yellow skinned spring radish, white flesh, crunchy and tasty, Czech variety

RADISH - RAT TAIL ​a type of radish that is grown for the fruit, not the root.  Plants produce lots of elongated slender seedpods, up to 20 cm long, that are eaten when they are young and tender, with a typical spicy radish flavour

RUTABAGA - WILMA oval 300 - 500 g roots, light green top and yellow body, sweet tender yellow flesh, for long storage, from Russia SOLD OUT FOR 2017