All tomatoes are indeterminate regular leaf varieties unless otherwise noted, ~ 30 seeds per pack


ABU RAWAN small flat, red fruit, from Iraq.  Named for one-time caretaker of the greenhouses at the Agricultural College at Al Ghraib, Iraq, maintained in private collections since the 1970s

BALI small pink ruffled fruit, flavourful, almost spicy, from Indonesia

BEDUIN small to medium sized pear shaped tomato, brownish-red with green shoulders, rich sweet flavour

BLACK PEAR potato leaf, medium size, flavourful, purple-black pear shaped fruit

BLUSH gold and red striped elongated fruit, 5 to 7 cm long, vigorous and productive plants up to 3 metres tall, tasty and very sweet

BURPEE LONGKEEPER medium size round fruit, pinkish yellow skin, red flesh, good flavour, extremely good keeper

CAVENDISH semi-determinate, medium sized slightly pointed round red fruit, decent flavour, holds well after picking, bred by John J Lowans of England

CZECH'S EXCELLENT small round yellow fruit, early, very creamy, low acid, from collection of Ben Quisenberry, famed tomato collector

DANSK EXPORT determinate, very early, small round red fruit, sweet flavour

ELFORMIGE DAUER potato leaf, small round pink fruit, low acid, creamy texture, excellent sweet flavour, old German variety

ETOILE BLANCHE D'ANVERS small white oblate fruit, mild sweet taste, from France

FINISH semi-determinate, medium size round beefsteak fruit, early, Russian variety developed by Volgogradskaya ES

INDIA vigorous plants, early, small to medium size round red fruit, rich complex flavour

IVORY EGG small creamy white to pale yellow fruit, sweet flavour, the size and shape of a chicken egg, very productive,

JAUNE FLAMME small orange fruit shaped like an apricot, fruity, tangy flavour, from France

KHABAROVSKY 308  medium size pink egg shaped fruit, great semi-sweet taste, vigorous plants

LIME GREEN SALAD determinate, small green-yellow fruit, nice tangy flavour

LITTLE BLACK BRANDYWINE small brownish-red fruit, rich fruity flavour, meaty texture, early

MAREMENNO semi-determinate, small red tomato, good flavour and productive even in marginal conditions, traditional variety from Tuscany

MOSKOVSKIY KISTEVOY small round dark red fruit, good flavour, meaty, good for canning, sauce

NEPAL medium size red beefsteak, good flavour, productive, from the Himalayas

PECHE (VILMORIN-ANDRIEUX) small fruit that really looks like a little peach, reddish pink skin, yellow flesh, delicate, subtly sweet flavour, very good keeper, rare

PIEDMONT PEAR small pear shaped fruit, yellow and pink skin, yellow flesh, very good flavour, high yields

PIENNOLO DEL VESUVIO potato leaf, small red pear shaped fruit with a prominent point on blossom end, early, tasty, productive, very vigorous plants up to 3m tall, old variety from southern Italy

PINK BOAR small fruit, purple skin with metallic green stripes, mild savoury taste

PURPLE CALABASH small to medium size purple very ruffled fruit, very old variety

PURPLE PEAR potato leaf, small purple pear shaped fruit, rich sweet flavour

RED BOAR small red and yellow striped round fruit, juicy, bright acidity and firm texture, from Wild Boar Farms

RIESENTOMATE very unique red fruit, each fruit looks like a cluster of cherry tomatoes all stuck together, very rare

SASHA'S ALTAI semi-determinate, medium red beefsteak, good balanced taste, early, from Irkutsk, Siberia 

SLAVA potato leaf, small round red fruit, early, very sweet, Czech heirloom

SNOWBALL medium sized white beefsteak fruit, sweet mild flavour

SWEET CARNEROS PINK pink and red striped fruit, intense tomato flavour, shaped like a Japanese plum

SWEET SOLANO small round fruit, orange with yellow stripes, Wild Boar Farms

TATAR FROM MONGOLISTAN determinate, medium size round fruit,very rare old world heirloom, smooth, juicy, flavourful flesh

TOGO TREFELE small red ruffled fruit, flavourful, very juicy, meaty texture, from Togo, Africa

WHITE ZEBRA small round fruit, white with yellow and green stripes which fade as the fruit matures, very productive

YELLOW TRIFELE small to mid-size flavourful orange fruit shaped like an Anjou pear