SUMMER SQUASH cucurbita pepo ~20 seeds per pack

GEM small round fruit up to 10 cm in diameter. Traditional variety from South africa, used as a summer squash when young or a winter squash when mature

PATTISON GOLDEN MARBRE bush, golden yellow pattypan squash from France, tender texture and mild sweet flavour SOLD OUT FOR 2017

TROMBONCINO c. moschata, aka Zucchini Rampicante or Zuchetta, eaten young as a summer squash, if left to mature it develops into a long thin butternut type of winter squash, up to 1m long

ZUCCHINI - GOLDEN bush, slender golden yellow zucchini, crisp mild-flavoured flesh

ZUCCHINI - LUNGO FIORINTINO large bush, long narrow ribbed zucchini, light green with dark green stripes, traditional Italian variety

ZUCCHINI - GENOVESE bush, light green fruit, traditional Italian variety

WINTER SQUASH cucurbita spp. ~20 seeds per pack

BUSH DELICATA c. pepo, large bush plants produce plenty of small cylindrical squash 20 - 25 cm long, 500g to 1kg, dry sweet yellow flesh, good keeper

BUTTERNUT RUGOSA c. moschata, large butternut type, 2-5 kg, rough skin with pronounced ribs, hence the rugosa in the name.  Delicious sweet orange flesh, one of the best tasting of all squashes

CROWN c. maxima, greyish-blue wheel shaped squash, 2  to 4 kg, thick tasty orange flesh, very good keeper, the sweetest of the Australian Blue squashes, first introduced to North America in the 1930s

EMERALD c. maxima, aka Bush Buttercup, bush plant, 1 - 2 kg green oblate fruit, thick sweet orange flavour.  

GILL'S GOLDEN PIPPINc. pepo, small golden yellow acorn squash, medium length vines, from the old Gill Brothers Seed Company, considered to be among the best tasting acorn squashes

GREEK SWEET RED c. moschata, butternut type, beautiful mahogany coloured pear shaped fruit, deep orange richly flavoured delicious flesh, originally from the Xeropotamou Monastery on the Mount Athos peninsula in Greece

IRONBARK c. maxima, medium sized dark green squash, ribbed and slightly bumpy, very dense thick orange flesh, sweet rich flavour.  Very rare Australian heirloom variety

WINTER LUXURY PIE PUMPKIN c. pepo, medium size pumpkin, 8 - 15 pounts, orange skin covered with fine netting like a muskmelon, smooth sweet orange flesh, the preferred variety for pie

SIBLEY c. maxima, aka Pike's Peak, silvery blue form of banana squash,thick sweet flesh, excellent keeper, introduced by Hiram Sibley and Co. in 1887 but its history goes back much farther

SILVER BELL c. maxima, small bell-shaped squash with sweet tasty orange flesh, 1 - 2 kg,  grey-blue skin turns pink in storage, introduced in 1956

UNCLE DAVID'S c. maxima, buttercup type, mottled orange and green skin, smooth flavourful orange flesh, grows well in cooler weather so would be a good choice for short season areas

GALEUX D'EYSINES c. maxima, 5 - 10 kg fruit, pinkish orange skin that becomes covered in corky excrescences as it matures.  Thick orange flesh is smooth, moist, sweet and flavourful. Old variety from France

MARINA DI CHIOGGIA c. maxima, the famous sea pumpkin of Chioggia.  Very old variety of squash from Italy, greyish green in colour and covered with bumps, very flavourful yellowish-orange flesh, 5 - 10 kg fruit

CUCUMBERS  cucumis sativa ~20 seeds per pack

LITTLE POTATO aka Khira Balam, originally from India, small 5 - 8 cm long fruit looks a bit like a kiwi, with brown russeted skin and greenish white flesh.  Delicious sweet flavour, very rare

NIPPON SANJAKU KIURI long thin slicing cucumber, name translates as 'Three Foot Cucumber from Japan', while it can grow that long it is best eaten when it reaches half that length.  Will tend to twist and curve if grown on the ground, grow on a trellis for straight cucumbers

PARISIAN PICKLING aka 'Improved Bourbonne',  small thin pickling cucumber used to make old-fashioned French style cornichons, can be used as a slicer when larger, 19th century French heirloom

MELONS cucumis melo ​~20 seeds per pack

NOIR DES CARMES a truue French cantaloupe developed by the Carmelite monks in France, dark green, almost black skin ripens to a golden yellow, sweet rich flavour, early and productive

PETIT GRIS DE RENNES a true French cantaloupe of the highest order, developed around 400 years ago in the garden of the Bishop of Rennes.  1 -1.5 kg fruit is greyish green in colour, developing a dull yellow blush as it ripens, with very sweet and tasty thick orange flesh

WATERMELON citrullus lanatus ~20 seeds per pack

SMALL SHINING LIGHT small round fruit, 20 - 30 cm in diameter with very dark green skin and sweet juicy red flesh.  Early ripening Russian heirloom variety

SWEET SIBERIAN oblong green melons with very sweet and juicy orange flesh, an old Russian variety first offered by Peter Henderson and Co. in 1898